Answer to Which Is the Most Ideal Face on Earth? A Square Face Or an Oval Face?

1. D

A. 蛇精脸 (Shé jīng liǎn) V-shaped face

B. 巴掌脸 (Bāzhǎng liǎn) palm-sized face

C. 扑克脸 (Pūkè liǎn) poker face

D. 明星脸 (Míngxīng liǎn) dead ringer

Xiǎo Xīn: Dàjiā dōu shuō wǒ zhǎng de xiàng Bèi Kè Hàn Mǔ ne.
Xiao Xin: Everybody says I look like Beckham.

Xiǎo Jūn: Nǐ díquè yǒu zhe yì zhāng míngxīng liǎn.
Xiao Jun: You are a dead ringer for him!

From the dialogue, we can refer Xiao Jun indeed admit that Xiao Xin is just as handsome as Beckham. (David Robert Joseph Beckham is an English retired professional footballer, Current President of Inter Miami CF and co-owner of Salford City.)
Therefore, the correct answer is D.

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