Answer to A Surprisingly Useful Chinese Proverb Used To Say Something Is Impossible

1. B


Jack: Nǐ zěnme néng ràng Alan shàngchǎng? Tā jīhū méi dǎguò lánqiú.
Jack: How did you get Alan to compete? He has hardly ever played basketball.

Bob: Méi bànfa, yǐjīng méiyǒu qítā de duìyuán le.
Bob: I can’t help it. There are no other team members.

Jack: Nǐ zhè zhēnshì gǎn yāzi shàng jià a!
Jack: You’re really driving a duck onto a perch!

When Jack says that Alan has hardly ever played basketball, and asks how Bob was able to persuade Alan to play, we can assume that it is beyond Alan’s ability to play, considering that he was chosen to participate in the game only because there were no more participants left to choose from. This means that Alan is being asked by Bob to do something beyond his ability, similarly as driving a duck onto a perch. Hence, the correct answer is B.

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