Answer to Know the Use of “吹 (chuī)” with This Quiz

Answer: A

Answer analysis:

Tāmen liǎ liǎngnián qián jiù chuī le.
他们  俩       两年      前   就   吹 了。
They broke up two years ago.

吹 (chuī)

is a verb meaning to blow, or puff.


Chuī miè làzhú.
吹      灭  蜡烛。
Blow out a candle.

Another meaning of “吹 (chuī)” relates to relationships and means to break off (break up); fall through.


Tāmen liǎng chuī le.
他们  俩         吹  了.
That couple have broken up.

Wǒmen de lǚxíng chuī le.
我们      的  旅行    吹 了.
Our travel plan has been cancelled.

In addition, 两年前 (liǎngnián qián) means “two years ago”. So key words “吹 (chuī)” and “两年前 (liǎngnián qián)” will infer that they “broke up two years ago”.

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