Answer to How Well Do You Know Chinese Kung Fu?

Answer: B

少林功夫 (Shàolín gōngfu): Shaolin Kung Fu.

跆拳道 (Táiquándào): Taekwondo.

太极拳 (Tàijí quán): Tai Chi Quan.

“少林功夫 (Shàolín gōngfū) Shaolin Kung Fu” combines Zen and martial arts and originated in the Shaolin Temple in Henan Province, China. “跆拳道 (Táiquándào) Taekwondo” originated on the Korean Peninsula 1500 years ago. “太极 (Tàijí) Tai Chi”, one of the Chinese boxing techniques, was founded in the early Qing Dynasty. So, B is the correct answer.
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