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Answer: B

篮球 (Lánqiú): basketball (How to Say “play basketball” in Chinese?)

足球 (Zúqiú): soccer; football

羽毛球 (Yǔmáoqiú): badminton

Mom: Zhème wǎn le, nǐ qù nǎ lǐ le?
Mom: 这么晚了,你去哪里了?
Mom: It’s so late. Where did you go?

Jack: Wǒ hé tóngxué qù tī zúqiú le.
Jack: 我和同学去踢足球了。
Jack: I went to play soccer with my classmates.

“踢 (Tī)” which means kick, is a verb relating to movements of legs and feet. It can be combined with “足球 (zúqiú) soccer/football” into a fixed phrase like, “踢足球 (tī zúqiú),” which means to play soccer/football.
On the other hand, “打 (dǎ)” means strike; hit, beat; fight; attack, it’s a verb relating to movements of hands. It can be combined with “篮球 (lánqiú) basketball” or “羽毛球 (yǔmáoqiú) badminton” into fixed phrases like, “打篮球 (dǎ lánqiú)” or “打羽毛球 (dǎ yǔmáoqiú) and by combining them the phrase would mean to play as well.”

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