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Answer to a Self-quiz for Chinese Practice

Sep. 12, 2018

Answer analysis:

有名 (Yǒumíng): well-known; famous

遇到 (Yùdào): run into; come across.

然后 (Ránhòu): then; after that.
(Learn How to Use “然后 (ránhòu).”)

1. B
Tā néng yùdào zhèyàng de hǎoshì, zhēn xìngyùn.
She is so lucky to come across such a good thing.

2. C
Míngtiān xiàwǔ wǒ xiān qù chāoshì, ránhòu zài qù zhǎo nǐ.
I will go to the supermarket tomorrow afternoon and then go to find you.
(Daily Chinese Words for “Supermarket.”)

3. A
Zhège dìfāng yǐjīng yǒu 500 duō nián de lìshǐ le, fēicháng yǒumíng.
This place has a history of more than 500 years and is very famous.

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