Answer to Careful! Don’t Be Fooled by Fallen Porcelain

1. B

Wǒ jūrán yùdào gè pèng cí de!
I unexpectedly ran into someone who was pretending to be hit by my car in order to get money from me.

The quiz examines the familiarity with and understanding of Chinese sentences components. Firstly, we need to understand the attributes and meanings of each sentence component and what they do in a sentence. Secondly, we can use the correct sentence structure according to these grammatical rules.
“居然 (Jūrán) unexpectedly,” is an adverb which is used to modify the verb and placed before the verb; “个 (gè)” is a measure word often paired with a numeral (Number), and when the noun it modifies is a person or a thing the number can be ommitted. “碰瓷的 (pèng cí de) someone who ‘bumps into porcelain’ ,” is a noun phrase which is often used as an object in the sentence, “遇到 (yùdào) meet,” is a verb, often used as a predicate, “我 (wǒ) I,” personal pronoun, is often used as a subject.
As explained above the structure is: “subject + predicate + object.” By using this structure we can make a complete sentence in the correct order. The correct answer is B.

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