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Answer: D

Xīguā hé xiāngjiāo děng shuǐguǒ hányǒu fēngfù de wéishēngsù.
Fruits such as watermelons and bananas are rich in vitamins.

Zhè xiàng gōngchéng zhìshǎo xūyào 5 nián cáinéng wángōng.
The project will take at least 5 years to complete.

Shīzi shì yì zhǒng wēiměng de dòngwù.
狮子是一种威猛的动物。 (How to say “animals” in Chinese?)
The lion is a powerful animal.

Zhège chāoshì chūshòu píjiǔ, qìshuǐ hé yǐnliào.
This supermarket sells beer, soda, and drinks.
(The Essential Chinese Vocabulary Word List for “饮料Drinks.”)

Answer D is wrong in the classification since soda is also a kind of drink. And the correct expression is:
Zhège chāoshì chūshòu píjiǔ, qìshuǐ děng yǐnliào.
This supermarket sells beer, soda, and so on.

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    1. jennifer.zhu

      Thanks for your reply. We have different levels of the quiz, this one is mainly for intermediate learners. If you are interested in it, please go forward to our website and have a look at the elementary quiz.

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