Answer to A Chinese Lesson on Goodwill Between Friends from Afar

1. A       2. B


Jìn lái, Xí zhǔxí duì fǎguó jìnxíng le guóshì fǎngwèn.
Recently, Chairman Xi made a state visit to France.

访问 (Fǎngwèn) access, pay a visit (more formal expression, like a state visit)

询问 (Xúnwèn) ask, inquire

拜访 (Bàifǎng) call on, drop in. (like visit friends, relatives and seniors)

采访 (Cǎifǎng) interview

After reading the blog, we can see that it is derived from “论语 (lúnyǔ) the Analects of Confucius,” which is often used to welcome friends from afar.
Therefore the correct answers are respectively A and B.

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