Answer to Bigger is better? Discuss China with this Quiz

Correct Answer: A

Answer analysis:

A. 人口 (rénkǒu) population
China has the world’s largest population, with almost 1.4 billion people living there.
Měiguó xiànzài yǒu duōshǎo rénkǒu?
美国      现在      有   多少    人口?
How large is America’s population now?

B. 民族 (mínzú) nationality
Nigeria has the most nationalities. Although this country has just 1.2 million people, which is much less than China, it has a total of 250 nationalities to China’s mere 56. In China, one particular nationality, the “汉族 (hànzú) Han nationality,” make up around 92% of the total population.
Yí gè xīn de mínzú chūxiàn le.
一 个 新 的   民族     出现 了。
A new nationality has emerged.

C. 土地面积 (tǔdì miànjī) total land area
Russia is the country with largest total land area. China comes in second place here with a total land area of 9.597 million km².
Yīngguó de tǔdì miànjī yǒu duō dà?
英国       的 土地 面积  有    多  大?
How large is England’s total land area?

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4 thoughts on “Answer to Bigger is better? Discuss China with this Quiz”

  1. At the quiz…concerning the example given with 土地面积,I suppose China’s territorial land is the 世界第三最大。Btw, is it right to write this way?

    1. jennifer.zhu

      Hi Jone,
      Thank you for leaving the comment. We don’t say 世界第三最大, we use 世界第三大.

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