Answer to Is Being Tan Or Being Fair-skinned More Beautiful?

Answers: C

Xiǎo Xīn: Āi, wǒ zuìjìn yòu shài hēi la.
小新: 哎,我最近又晒黑啦。
Xiao Xin: Ah, I got tan again recently.

Xiǎo Míng: Tǐng hǎo de ya, xiǎomài sè de pífū kàn shàngqù hěn jiànkāng.
小明: 挺好的呀,小麦色的皮肤看上去很健康。
Xiao Ming: “This is great, wheat-colored skin looks very healthy.”

We see that Xiao Xin says she got tanner and then we see Xiao Ming says that “挺好的呀 (tǐng hǎo de ya) this is great,” and that wheat-colored skin looks “健康 (jiànkāng) healthy.”
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So from the meaning of the dialogue, we see that Xiao Ming thinks that tanned skin looks healthier. So we know the correct answer is C.

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