Answer to A Special Chinese Food: Brain of Tofu?

Answer: D
“月饼(yuèbǐng) moon cake” is the Chinese traditional food for the Mid-autumn Festival, “汤圆(tāngyuán) rice dumpling” for the Lantern Festival and “粽子(zòngzi) zongzi”for the Dragon Boat Festival.
“豆腐脑(dòufunǎo) tofu jelly”, also called “豆腐花(dòufuhuā)”, is a kind of special snacks in China. Many Chinese would like to have it for breakfast. And it features different flavors in different places: people in the north like salty “豆腐脑(dòufunǎo)” while southerners prefer sweet one. Also, in some areas like Szechwan, local people make sour and spicy “豆腐脑(dòufunǎo)”. So the answer is D.
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