A Pinyin Rule of Chinese Language

All languages have rules, as does the Chinese language. Westerners will encounter different problems when they learn Chinese, but the most common are often centered on pinyin rules of the Chinese language. For example, many people ask the same question when they learn mandarin: “What are the letters in the alphabet that pinyin words cannot start with?” In Chinese, for example, ‘i,’ ‘u’ and ‘ü’ can’t be placed at the beginning of a word written in pinyin. However, some people will ask what to do if they want to use those sounds at the beginning of a word, by the time you are asking a question like this while learning Chinese, it shows that you are getting closer and closer to understanding the pinyin rules. If you want to use those sounds at the beginning of a word, you would write the pinyin in this way: i→yi, u→wu, ü→yu.

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