A good shot! – “好球(hǎoqiú)” or “臭球(chòuqiú)”? (Elementary)

Please choose the correct answer to fill in the blank.
          Tài bàng le! Qiú jìn le!
Jack:太  棒   了!  球  进 了!
           Shì a! Zhēn shì yígè ___!
Rose:是 啊!真   是   一个___!
A. 好球(hǎoqiú)

B. 臭球(chòuqiú)

Not sure about the answer? Not to worry, just take a look at this article “好球(hǎoqiú)” vs “臭球(chòuqiú)”-World Cup Special to find the answer!

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