6 Influential Celebrities Having Their Children Learn Mandarin

1.Mark Zuckerberg
Zuckerberg hired a Chinese nanny to teach his daughter Max Mandarin.

2.Prince Willian
Prince William’s son George Alexander Louis started learning Chinese at the age of six.

3. Jeff Bezos
Bezos provided his kids with Mandarin lessons when the kids were still young.

4.Jim Rogers
Jim Rogers’s daughters Bee Rogers and Hilton Rogers both speak fluent Chinese.

5.Ivauka Trump
Ivanka Trump’s daughter Arabella can sing Chinese songs and recite Chinese poems fluently.

6.David Beckham
Beckham’s daughter Harper started learning Mandarin when she was 8 and can now speak good Chinese.

Learning Chinese has become a trend among many celebrities. If you also want your child to join the ranks of these famous kids, sign up for a free trial in the form on this page and we will always be ready to help.

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