Third-Party Reviews for eChineseLearning

“One thing I really like about eChineseLearning is that they are able to provide a structured yet flexible approach based on your individual needs. The teachers are what really make eChineseLearning such a great option for learning Mandarin. Their passion, knowledge, and talent for teaching are all evident and make for a great learning experience.”
Oct. 08, 2018      Entire article
eChineseLearning is an online program where kids can learn Chinese online at home with a professional native Chinese tutor specialised in teaching children. The Chinese lessons were hosted online over Skype with a native Chinese teacher based in China. We were able to choose the time we wanted, which was great as they could be flexible according to our busy schedule. The online Chinese tutor used different methods to engage my son, asking questions, getting him to repeat words and phrases, and asking him copy symbols onto paper. He really enjoyed it and couldn’t wait for the next lesson so that he could learn more Chinese.
Feb. 12, 2018      Entire article
I was impressed with the quality of their tutoring sessions, and I would be interested in seeing how it carries over to some of their more specific language programs such as their Business Chinese course. But if the other tutors come close to Julie in talent and skill as an instructor (and it seems they do), then I would definitely recommend them with 100% confidence.
Oct. 11, 2017      Entire article
“I have been very impressed with eChineseLearning and I will be continuing to take lessons with their teachers for the foreseeable future. What I have found especially surprising was the quality and dedication of their teachers.”
April 16, 2016      Entire article
“When I tried eChineseLearning, the quality of its teachers greatly surprised me, and because of this, I am deciding to put it in first place. In addition, all of its teachers are native speakers with training to teach Chinese to foreigners and with broad experience.”
Mar. 2, 2016      Entire article
“I plan to stay with eChineseLearning for a long time. They offer a great variety of courses in addition to the beginner’s course, including children’s, student’s, business, Language Proficiency Exam prep courses and other courses. All are individualized to the particular student’s needs, and are one-to-one live instruction. I highly recommend eChineseLearning to anyone interested in pursuing the study of Mandarin Chinese.”
Aug. 6, 2012      Entire article
“Even though I have plenty of friends that I can practice Chinese with, the teachers at eChineseLearning helped me improve my Chinese like no friends could. The teachers are very nice and cater the material just for your language level and preferences. This is much better for me than a standard Chinese class because I can move at my own pace.”
Sept. 12, 2008      Entire article
“My first lesson was a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be awkward having a lesson over the phone, but as they are set up with web-cams, being able to see the teacher is a big help. We spoke predominantly in Chinese, though on the odd occasion where the teacher did have to explain something in English, she was clearly very good.”
March 31, 2008      Entire article
“Imagine having your very own Chinese tutor, a trained professional in a Beijing classroom who caters every lesson to your needs. Sounds great, but… You don’t live in Beijing? No worries, you don’t even have to get up from your seat.”
Feb. 13, 2008     Entire article
“No more Saturday school for me. Once a week was not good enough…and judging from last year, I am not disciplined enough to study on my own during the week. I passed with flying colors… but passing a class doesn’t mean I’m fluent in the language.”
Oct. 28, 2007    Entire article
“This was a totally positive experience, and most astonishing was the price. Let’s just say that their lessons are incredibly affordable, especially considering you have a live teacher giving you a customized lesson.”
July 22, 2007    Entire article
“What I liked most about Ms. Hong’s teaching was how clearly she was able to explain things to me. Often in the past I have found that when I would ask my Chinese teacher for an explanation of something I would need an explanation of the explanation and then, more often than not, an explanation of that. Ms. Hong kept her explanations simple and full of easy examples.”
June 28, 2007    Entire article
“It seems like a very professional setup, and I like their idea of individualized, one-to-one tutoring. In fact, it’s so individualized that they let you schedule your classes for whatever time suits you, so long as you schedule your classes ahead of time.”
June 25, 2007    Entire article


Ian Costanzo
Vincent Li

Student Feedback

“With eChineseLearning, the Mandarin Institute created an authentic learning environment that enhanced its middle and high school programs. eChineseLearning supported our in-class instruction by providing one-to-one dialogues that increased the students’ interpretive and interpersonal language skills. The tutors formed positive interactions with our students and adapted to our curriculum requirements.”
– Yalan King, Executive Director of Mandarin Institute, San Francisco
Nov. 20, 2017
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