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Sunday, October 28, 2007


No more Saturday school for me.  Once a week was not good enough...and judging from last year, I am not disciplined enough to study on my own during the week.  I passed with flying colors...but passing a class doesn't mean I'm fluent in the language.

In September I signed up for eChineseLearning to try online classes 5 times a week.  For $100 a month (although I think it is promotional pricing for now), I get to video conference with a teacher from Beijing and teach me Mandarin for 1 hour per night.  It's not too bad...one on one attention and a personalized learning plan.  I don't quite have the linguistic mindset like some others...but I am slowly picking it up.  I don't know as much vocabulary as I did back in high school, but my listening and speaking skills are quite better.

In January it'll be time.

The CR-V...it's so practical.

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