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How to say 'excuse me' in Chinese?
Many foreigners know how to express "excuse me" in Chinese, that is “
对不起dui4buqi3”, so they always use “对不起dui4buqi3”, for example, get past from other people, they said “对不起dui4buqi3”.

Actually, another word “
劳驾lao2jia4” is more common in spoken Chinese.

劳驾 Lao3jia4
Excuse me, could I past?

You can use "lao2jia4" when you want to get help or ask the road, for example:
Excuse me, how to get the Tiananmen Square?

售票员: 请问您到哪里?
Shou4piao4yuan2: qing3wen4 nin2 dao4 na3li?
乘客: 圆明园,多少钱?
Cheng2ke4: yuan2ming2yuan2, duo1shaoqian2?
售票员: 一块。
Shou4piao4yuan2: yi2kuai4.
售票员: 下站圆明园,下车的乘客请提前换出来。
Shou4piao4yuan2: xia4zhan4 yuan2ming2yuan2, xia4che1 de cheng2ke4 qing3 ti2qian2 huan4 chu1lai.
乘客: 劳驾让一下,我要下车。
Cheng2ke4: lao2jia4 rang4 yi2xia4, wo3 yao4 xia4che1.

Conductor: where would you like to go? Passenger: The winter palace. How much? Conductor: one Yuan. ……
Conductor: We are arriving at the winter palace; passengers please get ready for your arrival. Passenger: excuse me, please make way for me, I want to get off.
So you can say “
劳驾让一下” when you want to get off or pass through. It means "excuse me" and you can use it when you on the bus or subway in Beijing.

Key vocabulary:

劳驾  售票员 乘客 圆明园 下车 提前  
lao2jia4 shou4piao4yuan2 cheng2ke4 yuan2ming2yuan2 zhan4 xia4che1 ti2qian2
excuse me  conductor passenger the winter palace station     get off in advance 

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