Video Lesson: Why Me?

Why is the sky blue? Why do flowers bloom? Why do birds sing? … Why do you have so many questions? Let me tell you Why.

Exercises in the Video:

1. A: Duìbuqǐ, Jill, I’m not going to the movies tomorrow.
    B: Wèishénme?
    What did Jill wish to know? Please choose the best answer.
   A. The film that Jill’s friend wants to see.
   B. The time that Jill’s friend will be there.
   C. The reason why Jill’s friend is not coming.
2. A: Ellie, I’m leaving the city. Xiàwǔ wǔdiǎn de fēijī.
    B: Shénme? _____
    What would she probably say? Please choose the best answer.
   A. Wèishénme bù?
   B. Wèishénme ne?
   C. Shì shénme ne?
3. A: Amy, how come you’re all alone here? Wèishénme Jason bú zài?
    B: We just broke up, Jenny.
    A: Á? Wèishénme ne?
    Which is true according to the dialogue? Please choose the best answer.
   A. Jenny knows why Jason isn’t there.
   B. Jenny doesn’t know that Jason isn’t coming.
   C. Jenny knows why Amy and Jason broke up.
4. A: Wǒmen zhōumò qù Liú Déhuá de yǎnchànɡhuì. Ellie, nǐ kāi chē.
    B: Why me?
    What does Ellie mean in Chinese? Please choose the best answer.
   A. Wèishénme shì wǒ?
   B. Wèishénme búshì wǒ?
   C. Shénme?
5. Amy: Jenny, wèishénme tiān shì lán de?
    Jenny: Wǒ bù zhīdào.
    Amy: Jenny, wèishénme cǎo shì lǜ de?
    Jenny: Wǒ bù zhīdào.
    Amy: Jenny, wèishénme huā shì xiānɡ de?
    Jenny: Wǒ bù zhīdào.
    Amy: Jenny, wèishénme nǐ bù ɡāoxìnɡ?
    Jenny: Amy, nǐ juéde wǒ shì shénme? Shíwàn ge wèishénme ma?
    How does Jenny feel like? Please choose the best answer.
   A. She feels that she enjoys Amy’s company.
   B. She feels like a student who wants to know all the answers.
   C. She feels like she couldn’t stand Amy.

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2 thoughts on “Video Lesson: Why Me?”

  1. Eugenio Lllorente

    Excellent video and audio quality. However, it is a great pity that you don’t offer the Chinese characters for the few sentences you use: 十萬個為什麼 Shí wàn gè wèishéme,等等.
    比方說,Jackie Chan, Chénglóng?Neither, it is 成龍,为什么省略它?
    Using only Pinyin is very unchinese like and very confusing even for a beginner with the right appoach to Chinese learning. Pinyin is a very useful tool, but it was never intended as a script, but only as a phonetic notation. Using Pinyin as a script and not using Chinese Characters is a real tragedy and very much against Chinese culture only favoring Western culture, there is nothing agiainst it, only tht it is not the case when teaching Chines. In short: Always use Characters + you don’t always need using Pinyin.

    1. jennifer.zhu

      Thank you for your sincere suggestions and detailed feedback. We will feedback with our teacher and strive for better video afterwards!

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