Video Lesson: Traditional Chinese Breakfast

Most mornings people don’t have much time before work or school to make breakfast. It’s a troublesome problem for many that still want something filling to have in the morning. But, in China, the perfect solution has been found!

Exercises in the Video:

1. A: Qǐngwèn, nǐmen jiǔdiàn yǒu zhōngshì zǎocān ma?
    B: Dāngrán…
    What would she say? Please choose the best answer.
    A. Wŏ xĭhuan chī yóutiáo.
    B. Zǎocān yǒu dòujiāng hé yóutiáo.
    C. Dòujiāng zhēn hǎohē!
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