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Video Lesson: One More Beer! (Part I)

Jan. 4, 2018

In life, we all have our moments of needing one more of something: “One more beer!” “One more bowl!” “One more time!” “One more gold medal!”

Exercises in the Video:
1. A: Fúwùyuán, zài yào yì wǎn miàn.
    B: Hǎo de!
    What does the customer want? Please choose the best answer.

    A. He wants to have one more bowl.
    B. He doesn’t want to eat any more.
    C. He wants to leave.

2. Zài chàng yì shǒu! Zài chàng yì shǒu!
    What does “zài chàng yì shǒu” mean? Please choose the best answer.

    A. Stop singing.
    B. Sing another one.
    C. Stop dancing.

3. A: Zhè ɡe pínɡɡuǒ zhēn búcuò.
    B: …
    What would he say? Please choose the best answer.

    A. Lái zài yí ɡè?
    B. Zài lái yí ɡè?
    C. Zài yí ɡè lái?

4. Gěi wǒ yì pínɡ píjiǔ, hǎo ma? Zài lái yì pínɡ ba.
    What did the customer ask the waitress to do? Please choose the best answer.

    A. To give him another bottle of beer.
    B. To tell him the price of the beer.
    C. To tell him if they still have beer available.

5. A: Wéi, nǐhǎo, Wánɡ Jīnɡlǐ zài mɑ?
    B: Tā bú zài, nǐ kěyǐ xiàwǔ zài dǎ yí ɡè diànhuà.
    A: Hǎode, wǒ xiàwǔ zài dǎ.
    What would probably happen in the afternoon? Please choose the best answer.

    A. The man wouldn’t call Manager Wang in the afternoon.
    B. The man would call Manager Wang in the afternoon.
    C. The man would go to the company in the afternoon.

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