Answer Key – Video Lesson: Learn the Many Ways to Say “Hello” in Chinese!

Answer Analysis

For the first question – what would Ellie say, the right answer is B, because they are talking about a man Ellie likes (no polite form needed), Ellie’s friend wants Ellie to introduce herself to the man.

For the second question – what would the waitress say, the right answer is C. Ellie told us that lunch made her so sleepy, so it can be referred it was afternoon.

For the third question, the right answer is C. Ellie greeted someone with ” 早上 好(zǎoshàng hǎo)”, the person should also reply with 早上 好(zǎoshàng hǎo)”.

For the fourth quetion, Sally could reply with “您好(nínhǎo )” – polite form of “你好(nǐhǎo)”, so the right answer is B.

The answer of the fifth question is A – 8 p.m. “晚上好(wǎnshàng hǎo)” means “good evening”.

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