Soccer Stars from Arsenal Speak Chinese.

Take a look at this surprising video to see the soccer stars of Arsenal attempting to speak Chinese.

There are two important Chinese learning points in this online Chinese class.

Learning Point #1:

The famous soccer star Szczesny said:

Dàjiā hǎo, wǒ jiào Sīzésīní.
大 家好, 我  叫 斯泽斯尼。

Hello, everyone. My name is Szczesny.
The sentence structure “我叫… (Wǒ jiào…)” is used to introduce one’s name to others. We can also say “我的名字是… (Wǒ de míngzi shì…) My name is…” For example:

Wǒ jiào Jim.
我   叫  Jim.

My name is Jim.

Wǒ de míngzi shì Wáng Qiáng.
我  的    名  字  是   王     强。

My name is Wang Qiang.

Learning Point #2:

Gibbs said, “谢谢吃吃阿森纳。(Xièxiè chīchī Āsēnnà.) Thanks for eating Arsenal.”

“吃 (chī)” means “to eat.” Did Gibbs mean that he thinks Arsenal football is delicious?

Actually, Gibbs was trying to say “谢谢支持阿森纳。(Xièxiè zhīchí Āsēnnà.) Thanks for supporting Arsenal.” “支持 (zhīchí)” means “to support.”

The sounds represented in Chinese pinyin by “zh” and “ch” are often challenging for many people studying Mandarin Chinese.

“zh” and “ch” sounds are described as being formed by a rolled tongue.

“zh” starts with the ‘j’ in “jeep,” but then ends smoothly with the “r” sound.

“ch” starts with the ‘ch’ in “cheese,” but then ends smoothly with the “r” sound.

For example:

织 (zhī) to weave

Māma zài zhī máoyī.
妈 妈   在  织  毛 衣。

Mom is weaving a sweater.

吃 (chī) to eat

Xiǎo báitù zài chī húluóbo.
小    白 兔  在 吃  胡 萝卜。

The little rabbit is eating a carrot.
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