Other Useful Links for Chinese Learning

Chineseforsmartkids : Chinese for kids | Mandarin for kids | Learn Chinese Online | Basic Chinese This web is present about Cd-rom chinese language for kids in brand Chinese for Smart Kids.

Summer Camp Europe Language Camps and Summer Camps for juniors and teens in Europe, Switzerland and in France. International Holiday Programs, Vacation courses. ESL – Ecole Suisse de Langues more than 10 years of experience in organizing international programs for young people.

About the Bible All about the Bible. What is the bible? Set of rules, a collection of perspectives, the book we ought to read but don’t? Or – more negatively – an instrument of social control, a relic of an unscientific age, a work of religious Chinese whispers or a propaganda tool rewriting ancient near-Eastern history from a Jewish perspective?

Master Arquitectura Todomba is a web with information about postgraduate courses, master’s degrees, MBA:s, information about scholarships and news, comparation and ranking of business schools, special offers in business courses.

Graduate Actuarial Jobs Hewitt UK provides great opportunities with Actuarial Jobs for graduates

ChinaLinks (By Chan, Marjorie) A comprehensive web site with a large number of links to Chinese linguistics, learning materials and other Chinese learning related information. A very useful resource site for Chinese Studies researchers and Chinese language educators.

Electronic Chinese Language Class (By Chiba University of Commerce ) A comprehensive web site introducing Chinese language and Chinese lessons taught in this university. In Japanese.

Learn Chinese (By Transparent Language) A comprehensive web site with links to Chinese learning materials and other related information.

Xue Zhongwen (By xuezhongwen.com) A comprehensive web site with links to some Chinese learning materials and other related information.

Resume Writing Service Professional consultant advice on writing your ideal resume!

Online and Distance Learning Find online schools, distance learning, distance learning schools, distance learning education, online education Abroad.

Learn Chinese Famous Chinese teachers in Beijing provide live class and conversation practice of mandarin from Beijing to anywhere of the world through high technical and professional video classroom on Internet.

Learn Chinese East-West Connections helps you study and learn to speak and communicate in the Chinese language FAST. Learn Chinese language quickly.

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