Mini-test Answers: 我和你见面 (Intermediate)

Intermediate Level 中级 (zhōngjí)

The correct answer for this Chinese test is C.


In daily life, we use “我和你见面 (wǒ hé nǐ jiànmiàn),” which is answer C. We don’t use “我见面你 (wǒ jiànmiàn nǐ)” and “你见面我 (nǐ jiànmiàn wǒ),”  because they are grammatically incorrect. And when we use two pronouns, we don’t put them together without any conjunction, so we use “我和你见面 (wǒ hé nǐ jiànmiàn)” instead of “我你见面 (wǒ nǐ jiànmiàn).”

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0 thoughts on “Mini-test Answers: 我和你见面 (Intermediate)”

  1. I also think that learning mandarin online is a good way to learn Chinese. Yes, “I will meet you” can be translated into “我将要和你见面 (wǒ jiāngyào hé nǐ jiànmiàn),” and “将要” can be omitted in this sentence.

  2. Besides, you can also say “我要和你见面 (wǒ yào hé nǐ jiànmiàn).” So both “将要” and “要” can be omitted.

  3. I have been learning mandarin online for nearly half a year. I know “will” means “将要 (jiāngyào),” so I wonder whether I can translate “I meet you” into “我将要和你见面 (wǒ jiāngyào hé nǐ jiànmiàn).”

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