Mini-test Answer: 喜欢 (Beginner)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

Correct Answer: B


A. “讨厌 (tǎoyàn)” is the word for “Hate.”

“讨 (tǎo)” means asking for something and “厌 (yàn)” means loathing.

B.  “喜欢 (xǐhuan)” is the word for “Like.”

“喜 ()” means liking and “欢 (huān)” refers to happiness.

C. “羡慕 (xiànmù)” is the word for “Envy.”

“羡 (xiàn)” means envying and “慕 ()” means admiring.

D. “愿意 (yuànyì)” is the word for “Willing.”

“愿 (yuàn)” means wishing and “意 ()” refers to idea.

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