Mini-Test Answer: 你吃什么?(Beginner)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The correct answer to this test is A.

你吃什么? (Nǐ chī shénme?) means “What would you like to eat?” In this sentence, “你” is the subject, “吃” is the predicate and “什么” is the object. The correct sentence order should be subject+predicate+object. You can use this sentence to ask about your friend’s willingness when you are ordering dishes at a restaurant.


A: “你吃什么?(Nǐ chī shénme?)” : it follows the correct sentence order.

B: “什么你吃?(Shénme nǐ chī?)” : the object shouldn’t be placed at the beginning of the sentence.

C: “你什么吃?(Nǐ shénme chī?)” : the object shouldn’t be placed between the subject and the predicate.

D: “吃你什么?(Chī nǐ shénme?)” : the position of the object and the predicate should be reversed.

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  1. i also got it right…can i have that book…previous test..i answered it right but i m not get that book..i hope i ll get it this time..:D

  2. Hello.. I got it right..
    can you please send me a book for my help?? And you will be happy to hear that I am giving HSK Level 3 exam in my country, Pakistan..
    Please help me to pass that test… send me a e-book and some tests related to the HSK 3..

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