Mini-test Answer: I (Beginner)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

Correct answer: C


A. “You” is the meaning for “你 ().”

     If you want to know how to write the Chinese character “你,”  take a look at
     The right way to write the Chinese character “你.”
B. “They” means “他们 (tāmen),” “她们 (tāmen)” or “它们 (tāmen).”
In Mandarin Chinese, “他们 (tāmen)” refers to men or boys. “她们 (tāmen)”
      refers to women or girls, and “它们 (tāmen)” is the plural form for “it.”

C. “I” is the meaning for “我 ().”

D. “Myself” is the meaning for “我自己 (wǒ zìjǐ).”

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