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Learn Business Chinese with World Standards Day

Nov. 2, 2020

People have a special day set aside for nearly everything it seems. For example, October 25th is World Pasta Day. Well, China also has unique special days, like Standards Day that was celebrated a few days ago on October 14. China’s Standards Day marks the anniversary of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

The aim of World 标准 (biāo zhǔn, standards) day is to improve the recognition of the importance of international standards on world economic activities. It supports the requirements and demands of products for commerce, industry, government, and customers.

In this case, the World standards day could be seen as a gift sent to tens of thousands of staff engaged in standardized work. It is essential to their wellbeing, productivity, and longevity.

标准(biāo zhǔn) : n. standard

标准的(biāo zhǔn de): adj. standard


zhè xiàng chǎn pǐn de zhì liàng yǐ dá dào biāo zhǔn .
The quality of this product has reached the standard.

tā shuō bù liǎo biāo zhǔn dì pǔ tōng huà .
He does not speak standard Mandarin.


On October 14th, 1946, representatives from 25 counties gathered in London and decided to establish a new organization with the objective of promoting international coordination on industrial standards.

On October 14th, 1946, the first worldwide celebration on world standards day was held.
China has re-entered the ISO as of 1978 and decided to have the celebration on October 14th every year by reporting stories related to the topic as advocated by ISO in that year.

Various international organizations

International Organization for Standardization – ISO

For example: ISO 9001, quality management system
ISO 14001, environmental management

International Electrotechnical Commission – IEC
For example: lithium battery standards for IEC619602000.11

International Telecommunication Union – ITU
For example: ITU BS.1770 loudness standard

All of IEC, ISO, and ITU are standardizations set to provide solid foundations on green buildings for designers, “建筑师 (jiàn zhù shī) architects”, engineers as well as all buildings owners and government. Through the standardization of IEC, ISO, and ITU, the intelligence and greenness of buildings are linked, which boosts new types of buildings to reach these two requirements.

建筑师( jiàn zhù shī): n. architect


tā yě shì yī míng cóng yè jiàn zhù shī.
She was also a practising architect.

zhè dòngdà lóu shì àn nà wèi jiàn zhù shī de shè jì jiàn zào de .
The building was constructed from the design of that architect.

Topics by year:

48 anniversary in 2017: Standards make cities smarter.
49 anniversary in 2018: International standards and the fourth industrial revolution.

50 anniversary in 2019: Video standards create a global stage.
And the topic for this year (51 anniversary) is “Protecting the “地球(dì qiú) planet” with standards”.

地球(dì qiú) : n. planet / earth.


lán jīng shì dì qiú shàng tǐ xíng zuì dà de shēng wù.
The blue whale is the largest living thing on the planet.

xǔ duō dòng wù yǐ cóng dì qiú shàng xiāo shī le .
Many kinds of animals have vanished from the earth.

There are standards for nearly everything. And with that industry leaders can be held more accountable, workers can have a better quality of life, and the environment will hopefully be maintained with more sustainable practices. Everyone can benefit from industry standards.

With the environment in constant decline, this year’s topic is increasingly important.

What standard do you think needs to be implemented and what standard do you think is the most beneficial for mankind and the planet alike?

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