Learn authentic expressions of time in Chinese

Please fill in the blanks with correct Chinese words.

1. -Qǐngwèn, ___ shì jǐyuè jǐhào?
          请    问,___  是 几 月 几 号?

      Could you tell me what day it was yesterday?

    -___shì qíyuè sìhào.
      ___ 是 七  月   四  号。

      It was July 4th.

2. -Nǐmen dǎsuan shénme shíhou jiéhūn?
       你们        打算         什么        时候    结婚?

      When do you plan to get married?

    -____ liùyuè ba.
      ____ 六   月   吧。

     About June in next year.

3. Wǒ ___ yào qù Zhōngguó.
     我  ___    要   去     中国。

     I am going to China next month.

4. -Nǐ shénme shíhou huílái de?
      你    什么        时候      回来  的?

      When did you come back?

   – Wǒ ___ huílái de.
       我 ___  回来  的。

     I came back last week.


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  1. Vandewalle Patricia

    In question 4, why is there “de” at the end
    of the sentence. Hui lai de
    Thank you

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