How Do Countries All over the World Celebrate “Teachers’ Day”?

Various countries around the world celebrate Teachers’ Day at different times, and though each celebrates the holiday in different ways, warmth and gratitude towards educators is still the theme of this holiday. Today, let’s take a look at a few different celebrations of Teachers’ Day in different places.

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1. Timing and Activities of Teachers’ Day Around the Globe

Teachers’ Day in Portugal
Portugal documented the first celebrated Teachers’ Day on May 18, 1899, and since then the holiday continues to be celebrated on that day.
Teachers’ Day in China
Every September 10th in China is Teachers’ Day, with an annual theme set by the Ministry of Education. Students of all ages, especially young ones, give their teachers small, homemade gifts to show their appreciation for each teacher’s hard work. This day is also when alumni will visit their old schools to catch up with their former teachers.
Teachers’ Day in Thailand
Thailand has designated January 16th as Teachers’ Day every year, and schools are closed in observance and for a grand celebration: across the country, awards and flowers are presented to educators new and old alike.
Teachers’ Day in Czechoslovakia
Czechoslovakia celebrates Teachers’ Day on March 28 every year, and awards outstanding teachers for their hard work on this day.

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Teachers’ Day in India
Every year Teachers’ Day is celebrated in India on September 5. This day was chosen because it is also the birthday of former Indian President Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was also an educator himself.
Teachers’ Day in America
Teachers’ Day in the United States is on the first Tuesday of May, and the entire week is called “Teacher Appreciation Week”. In the United States, parents and students mainly celebrate elementary and middle school teachers.
Teachers’ Day in Singapore
Singapore Teachers’ Day is the first Friday in September. All schools in Singapore are be closed for one day on this day, and official celebrations take place the day before.
Teachers’ Day in Russia
Russia’s Teachers’ Day is October 5th. According to tradition, on this day students at schools, vocational colleges, and universities present their teachers with flowers, hold parties, and performing plays, among other activities.

2. How can you express gratitude to your teacher in Chinese?

Jiào  shī   jié   kuài   lè!
教    师    节    快    乐!
Happy Teachers’ Day!

Lǎo   shī,  wǒ  men  ài   nín.
老     师, 我    们   爱   您。
Teacher, we love you.

Zhù  nín   yǒu   gè    yú    kuài   de   jiào  shī    jié.
祝     您     有     个    愉     快     的    教    师    节。
Wishing you a happy Teachers’ Day.

Nín  zhēn  de  shì   yí    wèi   hǎo   lǎo   shī,  xiè   xiè  nín.   Zhù    jiào   shī   jié    yú   kuài!
您     真     的   是   一    位      好   老     师, 谢   谢    您。 祝      教     师     节   愉     快!
You are really a good teacher, thank you. Happy Teachers’ Day!

In our life, the ones who affect us most are our teachers. Let us say wish a happy holiday to the teachers who have taught us so much!

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