He is “短(duǎn)” or “矮(ǎi)”? (Elementary)

Please choose the correct answer to fill in the blanks.
Zhāng Lì: Nà  ge qiúyuán shì shéi?
张       丽:那 个  球员       是  谁?
             Tā shì LARA Christian.
David: 他  是  LARA Christian。
Zhāng Lì: Tā zhēnshì tài ____ le!
张       丽:他   真是    太____ 了!
A. 短 (duǎn)

B. 矮 (ǎi)

Not sure about the answer? Not to worry, just take a look at this article The Difference between “短(duǎn)” and “矮(ǎi)” to figure out the correct answer!

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