Guide to Choosing the Right IB Chinese B Program for Your Child

Many students are unsure whether to choose SL or HL for IB Chinese B. In this article, we will delve into the characteristics of each level to help students make informed decisions when selecting their IB Chinese B course.

1. Chinese B High Level

IB Chinese B High Level (HL) is designed for foreign students who have a genuine interest in the Chinese language and possess a solid foundation in Chinese. It requires a vocabulary of 5,000 words and is suitable for students who have a strong interest in Chinese literature and have a certain level of Chinese comprehension. IB Chinese B HL provides students with the opportunity to deeply engage with Chinese culture, media, and authentic resources, allowing them to have a comprehensive understanding of the Chinese language after studying this course. The scope of writing assessments is broader and may even examine students’ views on technology, religion, health, and other issues, making it highly challenging.

2、IB Chinese B Standard Level

IB Chinese B Standard Level (SL) is suitable for foreign students who are enthusiastic about the Chinese language and culture. It requires a vocabulary of 2,500 words. It is designed for students with a certain foundation in Chinese and aims to cultivate their language skills for everyday communication. Writing assessments in this level are relatively easier and may involve examining students’ opinions on simple topics.

When deciding on the appropriate type of IB Chinese B course, one should consider the child’s proficiency in Chinese, their interest in Chinese culture and literature, and their previous Chinese learning experience. HL is suitable for students with a solid foundation in Chinese and a genuine interest in Chinese literature. SL is suitable for students with a foundation in Chinese but who wish to develop practical language skills.

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