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Everybody Always Has a “挡箭牌 (Dǎng Jiàn Pái)”: See if You Do!

Dec. 6, 2017

Chinese Test dangjianpai


Mike: Xiàbān hòu wǒmen yìqǐ qù yuèliàng jiǔba ba?
Mike: 下班   后    我们    一起 去   月亮     酒吧  吧?
Mike: Let’s go to Moon Bar after working, shall we?

Jack: Wǒ bùnéng qù. Wǒ nǚpéngyǒu bú ràng wǒ wǎnshàng hējiǔ.
Jack: 我  不能      去。我     女朋友       不  让    我   晚上       喝酒。
Jack: I can’t go. My girlfriend doesn’t allow me to drink in the evening.

Mike: Nǐ kě zhēn sǎoxìng, měi cì dōu ná nǚpéngyǒu dāng dǎngjiànpái.
Mike: 你 可  真   扫兴,    每 次  都   拿   女朋友      当     挡箭牌。
Mike: How disappointing! ___________________ .

What does Mike mean according to the dialogue?

A. Jack always cites his girlfriend as the excuse that he can’t go to the bar.
B. Jack can’t go to the bar because of his terrible girlfriend.
C. Jack always takes his girlfriend to the bar.
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