Chinese Nursery Rhyme for Kids: 比比谁最长 Let’s See Who is Longer

Chinese Story for Kids (Beginner) 

比比谁最长 (bǐ bǐ shuí zuì cháng) Let’s Compare Which is Longer
Key Learning Points (Preview):

长 (cháng): adj long

短 (duǎn): adj short

A squirrel stands with an elephant and a giraffe, and the squirrel is not confident because he looks so small among them. He says: “Do not think that you two look bigger than me. In fact, my ‘尾巴 (wěiba) tail’ is the longest.” He shakes his tail in front of them. The giraffe then says: “It’s not interesting to compare whose tail is longer. My ‘脖子 (bózi) neck’ is the longest, and I can eat the ‘树叶 (shùyè) leaves’ on the top of the trees.” The “大象 (dàxiàng) elephant” shakes his head and says: “Haha, look, can anyone’s ‘鼻子 (bízi) nose’ be longer than mine?” He puts the squirrel on his back using his nose while he is talking.
Then comes Panda granny: “We can not simply compare whose tail is ‘更长 (gèng cháng) longer’ or ‘更短 (gèng duǎn) shorter.’ Everyone has his own ‘长处 (chángchù) strengths’ and ‘短处 (duǎnchù) weaknesses,’ so we should find our own and others’ strengths and weaknesses, then help and learn from each other. That is what a good kid should do.”

Key Learning Points:
长 (cháng): adj long

“长处 (chángchù)” are the Chinese characters for “strengths.”


1.    Bǎobèi, zhège gùshi hěn cháng, nǐ xiǎng  jìxù tīng wán ma?
A: 宝贝,   这个    故事   很     长,  你  想   继续   听  完   吗?

Honey, this story is rather long, do you want to finish it?
Māma, wǒ bù xiǎng shuìjiào, wǒ yào tīng.
B: 妈妈, 我 不   想      睡觉, 我 要    听。

Yes, mom, I don’t want to sleep, I want to listen.
2. Qiānxū shì tā de chángchù.
谦虚   是  他 的   长处。

Modesty is his strength.

短 (duǎn): adj short

“短处 (duǎnchù)” are the Chinese characters for “weaknesses.”


Zhè jiàn  yīfu  yǒu diǎn duǎn, míngtiān ràng bàba  gěi wǒ mǎi  jiàn xīn de.
这    件   衣服 有    点     短,    明天      让    爸爸   给  我  买    件   新 的。

This clothing is a little bit short; I’ll ask my dad to buy a new one for me.
2. Xiǎo péngyǒu men, wǒmen bù néng  ná   zìjǐ   de chángchù gēn biérén de duǎnchù  bǐ.
小       朋友     们,    我们    不   能    拿  自己 的    长处        跟    别人   的     短处    比。

Little guys, we can’t compare other’s weakness to our strengths.

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