Answer to Learn “打听 (Dǎtīng)” for When You Need to Ask a Question

Answer: B

Here is the dialogue with the English translation added:
Kathy: Wǒ xiǎng xiàng nǐ dǎtīng yíxià Lily de xiāoxī, qǐngwèn nǐ zhīdào tā xiànzài zhù nǎ’r ma?
Kathy:  我    想     向     你  打 听 一 下 Lily 的 消 息,请   问 你  知 道  她  现 在   住  哪儿 吗?
Kathy: I want to ask you about Lily. Do you know where she lives now?

Anne: Tā xiànzài zhù nánshān xuéxiào.
Anne: 她  现   在 住   南   山    学  校。
Anne: She lives at the Nanshan School now.

Kathy: Xièxie nǐ!
Kathy: 谢 谢 你!
Kathy: Thank you!

You can read in the first line that Kathy is curious about Lily and uses “打听 (dǎtīng)” to inquire about where she lives currently.

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