Answer to Have You Ever “蹭饭(cèngfàn)” at Other People’s Homes?

Answer: B
“蹭(cèng)” is a Chinese word which means to use others’ things for free. You may come across many collocations of the word in daily conversations, for example, “蹭网(cèngwǎng) to use others’ Wi-Fi without authorization,” or “蹭课(cèngkè) to attend another person’s classes”, also “蹭车(cèngchē) to ride on a bus/car without paying fare,” etc.…
So you can see that “蹭饭(cèngfàn)” in the test means “to be a freeloader at another’s home without their invitation,” and is equal to “freeload” in English. The correct statement is B.


Wǒ jīntiān qù péngyou jiā cèngfàn.
我   今天   去   朋友       家   蹭饭。
I will go to my friend’s home to have dinner today.

Tā zǒngshì qù cāntīng cèngwǎng.
他  总是      去  餐厅      蹭网。
He always goes to a restaurant to be a Wi-Fi squatter.

Jīntiān kéyǐ cèng nǐde chē ma?
今天    可以 蹭   你的  车  吗?
Can I ride in your car today?

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