Answer to Go “玩(wán) Play” the Right Way!

Answer: D
Even thought the word “play” in English takes on many different meanings, in Chinese there is often a different word for different actions. Perhaps the most similar word in Chinese to the word play, would be “玩(wán).” This word is used as a verb for playing toys or games and going outside to play. In some cases it can also be equivalent to “have fun,” depending on the context.
In Chinese, the verbs used when talking about instruments or sports are all usually different. This is because, instead of assigning a general term like “play” the word usually directly reflects the action used. When talking about playing instruments where you use your fingers like a piano, you would use the word 弹(tán). Yet, for string instruments like the violin you would use “拉(lā) pull” and for wind instruments played by blowing it with the mouth, “吹(chuī) blow.” Then for sports, “打(dǎ)” or “hit” is used with basketball, as the ball is technically hit against the ground. Following the same rational, soccer uses the verb “踢(tī) kick.”


Jīntiān xiàbān hòu qù tī zúqiú ba.
今天    下班    后   去 踢 足球 吧。
How about playing soccer after work today?

Jié Kè hěn xǐhuan tán jítā.
杰 克  很   喜欢    弹 吉他。
Jack likes playing the guitar very much.

Míngtiān fàngjià, wǒmen yìqǐ chūqù wánr ba.
明天        放假,   我们   一起 出去  玩儿 吧。
Tomorrow is a holiday, let’s go out together.

To master all the words that are used in the same situation as “to play” in English, you have to first consider, what sort of action is occurring? And if the word isn’t directly related to something done just for fun, such as playing toys or video games, then it probably doesn’t use the verb “玩(wán).”
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