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Listening Comprehension for Chinese
  • Learn Chinese through Online Chinese Video Course eChineseOnline provides high quality Chinese instructional video courses. The video courses are arranged based on different skill levels and taught by professional Chinese teachers.
  • Chinese Audio Lessons Comprehensive audio course to learn Mandarin Chinese for beginners. Audio lessons can be downloaded into your mobile phone or tablet and studied on the go. Each lesson comes with full texts and exercises. Join today and you'll become fluent in no time!.
  • Learn Chinese Our website, from which you can learn about all aspects of Chinese history, culture and customs , as well as improve your ability for listening, speaking, reading and writing in Mandarin. This website can help you to understand and grasp Chinese linguistics in a quick way, through accurate explanation; specific examples; unique presentation; and detailed lecture materials.
  • Learn Mandarin Sydney Learn to Speak Chinese using Fun and Easy Video Lessons to Accelerate Your Chinese Learning at Your Own Pace. Try the course for free today.
Chinese Characters
  • Fundamentals of Chinese Characters (By Yin, Jinghua) Are you using or considering using this book to learn Chinese? Here are some teaching and learning materials saved in PDF or mp3 files, which you can access online or download to your computer.
  • Chinese characters It can be difficult it is to understand and remember Chinese characters. Chinese-characters.orguses images and text to help you understand not only the meaning of each character, but why it is written the way it is. Using the technique introduced on this site, you can learn to recognize, understand, and write even complex characters.
Chinese Grammar
  • Basic Chinese Grammar (By Simmons, Richard VanNess) This is a slide show that reviews the basics of Spoken Standard Chinese Grammar. The main slides are in "gif" graphics format, which allows the Chinese examples to be viewed on any system, which is convenient for Chinese learners to learn Chinese.
Speaking Chinese
  • Chinese Phrases for Travelers (By Touming Michiru Okuda) This site uses the Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin to provide useful Chinese phrases for travellers. The phrases can be seen and heard so it is easy for you to learn Chinese.
Reading Comprehension for Chinese
  • Practical Chinese Reader Texts with Sound (By University of Oxford, Centre for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language) Sound recording for PCR. Reading speed is slow. Incomplete (Lesson 1-19). Good for those who just start Chinese learning.
  • The Language Gulper The Language Gulper describes in a concise way almost 200 individual languages and families, including overview, phonology and writing systems, morphology, syntax, a basic vocabulary, a summary of key literary works, and especially designed maps.
  • Hua Zhong Wen = 画中文 = drawing chinese Hua Zhong Wen: just another different way to learn Chinese, in a funny and cute way.
  • Hacking Chinese Hacking Chinese focuses on how to learn Chinese, something which is neglected by most teachers and courses that simply focus on what to learn. By putting the process in focus, the articles here unveil the mysteries of language learning and thereby help you improve the way you learn. There is no golden path to instant success, so the aim is to provide both inspiration and information enabling you to find your own way. The content is based on personal experience from learning Chinese to an advanced level as an adult, combined with relevant education and research.

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Student Feedback

“We are expanding our business in China this year and being able to speak the Chinese language with a potential client or supplier is essential. The eChineseLearning classes are not only a good value but also ideal for busy professionals like us. The program really works.”
– Anthony Whitley, Manager of a manufacturing company, London, UK
Mar. 3, 2018
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