How are you? 你吃饭了吗?(Have you eaten?)

Zǎoshàng 早上 Morning ☀️
Zhōngwǔ 中午 Noon 🕛
Xiàwǔ 下午 Afternoon 🌅
Bàngwǎn 傍晚 Evening 🌆
Wǎnshàng 晚上 Night 🌙
Zǎofàn 早饭 Breakfast 🍳
Wǔfàn 午饭 Lunch 🍱
Língshí 零食 Snack 🍿
Wǎnfàn 晚饭 Dinner 🍽️
Yèxiāo 夜宵 Late-night snack 🌃

What part of the day is it for you right now? Is it morning, afternoon, or evening? And have you had your meal? 🍽🕰️Feel free to leave a comment. ✍️


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