4 Chinese graduation traditions you should know

At last, graduation day has finally arrived, and for students all across the world, the years of hard work have finally reached a culmination. On this day, students will celebrate in many different ways , depending on where they come from. The procedures and traditions surrounding academic graduation ceremonies differ around the world. Whereas most countries confer to the graduate a certificate or diploma, graduates in the United States are also given a ceremonial ring representing their graduating class in high school or university.

1. 毕业演讲 (Bìyè yǎnjiǎng): Graduation Speech
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“毕业演讲 (bìyè yǎnjiǎng) graduation /commencement speech”, is a public speech given by a student or by an alumnus of a university to a graduating class and their guests. Common themes of the graduation speech include wishing the graduates well in the “real world” after school. More recently, the trend has been to find a celebrity or a politician to deliver the speech.
Tā zhèngzài zhǔnbèi bìyè yánjiǎng.
他    正在      准备    毕业  演讲。
He is preparing the graduation speech.

2. 毕业晚餐 (Bìyè wǎncān): Graduation Dinner

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As for China, there are several traditions followed by new graduates. First, it is a tradition for the students to attend a “毕业晚餐 (bìyè wǎncān) graduation dinner,” or “散伙饭 (sànhuǒ fàn)” Whereas, in the US a dinner with family is the norm, a “散伙饭 (sànhuǒ fàn)” is a dinner reserved for the graduating class, a sort of farewell dinner party.
Wǒ tài máng le, méiyǒu shíjiān qù chī bìyè wǎncān.
我   太    忙   了, 没有   时间  去  吃  毕业 晚餐。
I’m too busy to have the graduation dinner.

Jīntiān wǎnshang wǒmen qù chī sànhuǒ fàn.
今天        晚上      我们    去  吃  散伙 饭。
We will go for a farewell dinner tonight.

3. 毕业晚会 (Bìyè wǎnhuì): Graduation Party
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However, like many other countries, “毕业晚会 (bìyè wǎnhuì),” or “graduation party” is a standard way to celebrate the achievements of the graduating class. In China, the graduation party is given a theme such as “放飞梦想 (Fàng fēi mèngxiǎng) Let your dreams fly.” At most parties, some selected students will prepare programs, with a song and dance routine, for the rest of the graduating class to watch.
Wǒ jīntiān wǎnshang yào qù cānjiā bìyè wǎnhuì.
我   今天      晚上       要  去  参加   毕业 晚会。
I am going to the graduation party tonight.

Tā mǎi le jiàn piàoliang de qúnzi qù cānjiā bìyè wǎnhuì.
她 买  了 件     漂亮      的 裙子   去  参加  毕业  晚会。
She bought a beautiful dress to attend the graduation party.

4. 毕业典礼 (Bìyè diǎnlǐ): Graduation Ceremony
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Now its time for the big event! Each high school or university carefully prepares their “毕业典礼 (bìyè diǎnlǐ) graduation ceremony.” It’s a time to honor the outstanding graduates and to give all the degree holders a chance to shine. Some students even put on shows to display their talents. “毕业典礼 (bìyè diǎnlǐ) graduation ceremony,” It is also the grads’ chance to thank their teachers and spend one last time with their classmates and professors. It’s a very memorable event for everyone!
Bìyè diǎnlǐ lìng rén shífēn nánwàng.
毕业  典礼   令  人  十分   难忘。
The graduation ceremony is unforgettable.

HSK 3 quiz

1. What is the correct way to say “graduation party” in Chinese?
A. 毕业晚会 (Bìyè wǎnhuì)
B. 毕业晚餐 (Bìyè wǎncān)
C. 毕业照 (Bìyè zhào)
D. 毕业典礼 (Bìyè diǎnlǐ)

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      Hi Soran, hope our posts can help you learn Chinese. How about arranging a FREE trial lesson and see how it works for you? Let me know if you are interested.

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