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Introduction of Chinese Knot
As is well-known, Beijing's Olympic emblem for candidature competition features a stylized traditional Chinese handicraft pattern - "Chinese knot", using the typical colors of the five Olympic rings. The knot here has another beautiful name called "knot of one heart", which connotes the unity of, cooperation among, exchange between and development for the peoples all over the world.

Actually, Chinese Knot has a long history, a fine process and profound cultural connotations. It appeared in ancient times when our ancestors tied knots to keep records, developed as a type of decoration in Tang and Song Dynasty, and was popularized in Ming and Qing Dynasty.

Purely hand-made, every Chinese Knot is woven out of one entire silk thread in various symmetrical shapes and colors. To fit in with the needs of modern life, Chinese Knot has developed various products. The two main series are auspicious hanging and knitting clothing adornment. Auspicious hanging includes large tapestry, big room hanging, automobile hanging etc.. Knitting clothing adornment includes ring, eardrop, hand chain, necklace and other women's special adornments.

In the traditional Chinese folklore, the knot is deemed to be the best ornament as well as a mascot, which wards off evils and subdue inauspiciousness, as "knot", in Chinese language, has the meanings of reunion, friendliness, warm, marriage, love etc. In addition, "knot" and "luck, felicity" have the same pronunciation, so Chinese knots are often used to express some good wish including happy, prosper, love and no evil. Besides, different knots, bestowed names in tune with their shapes and implied meanings can be paired to constitute an array of peculiar patterns, which present in-depth implications and all kinds of strong, passionate and sweet greetings. For example, "Full of joy". "Happiness & Longevity", "Double Happiness", "Luck and Auspiciousness as one wish" are Chinese traditional pleasant phrases expressing warmest regards, best wishes and finest ideal.

Quietly, Chinese style has swept the entire world. We can always see lots of modern ladies in the western countries, with gingery hair and blue eyes, wearing a piece of traditional Chinese-style dresses such as cheong-sam. These exquisitely symmetrical knots which serve as adornments are as profound as the great cultural heritage of the Chinese people.


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