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Chinese Dictionary
  • (By A web site of online tools for learning Chinese. It includes converters (traditional to simplified characters or vice versa, converters between characters and Pinyin). Chinese-French and Chinese-English dictionaries are available. There are also some other links and a discussion forum.
  • Learn Chinese Characters You are learning Chinese language at eChineseLearning. The "Chinese Character Bible" will help you learn Chinese Characters.
  • Clavis Sinica Chinese Software Visit our site for a comprehensive selection of innovative mobile apps, web-based tools, and desktop software designed to help you learn to read and write Chinese. Our software is used at the United Nations and universities the world over.
  • Chinese quick fix Learn and speak six languages online for free: English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, and German - with audios and pictures. Have fun learning languages fast - the quick and easy way.
  • Learn Chinese language Learn Chinese page contains a lot of useful information for learning Chinese online including basic Chinese vocabulary, picture dictionary, vocabulary trainer, Chinese flashcards, useful phrases for conversation in Chinese and a list of dozens of Chinese dictionaries.

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Student Feedback

“We are expanding our business in China this year and being able to speak the Chinese language with a potential client or supplier is essential. The eChineseLearning classes are not only a good value but also ideal for busy professionals like us. The program really works.”
– Anthony Whitley, Manager of a manufacturing company, London, UK
Mar. 3, 2018
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