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Beginner Chinese Lessons

eChineseLearning offers online Chinese lessons and learning materials for Chinese learners of all levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced). Among the various lessons, beginner Chinese lessons are specially designed to help you build a solid foundation in Chinese learning. What's more, beginner Chinese lessons are in an online format that can prove to be convenient, sustainable and efficient. Here are some beginner Chinese lessons:
Learn how to bargain in a Chinese shop with beginner Chinese.
Learn how to greet people in elementary Chinese.
Learn how to ask directions in Chinese.
Learn how to introduce your family members in basic Chinese.
Learn how to show your will to lose weight in Chinese.
Know how to deal with mosquitos? Learn how to say it in Chinese.
This is a common question that Chinese people ask you. Learn how to answer it in beginner Chinese.
Learn how to order dishes in a Chinese restaurant in basic Chinese.
Learn how to order dishes in a western restaurant in Chinese.
Learn how to let others know you are sick and need to see a doctor in Chinese.
Learn how to say thank you when others help you in Chinese!
Learn how go somewhere by taxi or by bus in Chinese.
Tell others about your job with beginner Chinese.
Learn how to tell others about your hometown and your country in Chinese.
Learn how to say I love sports in basic Chinese.
Learn how to make comments on the weather in beginner Chinese, and learn idioms such as xin1 jing4 zi4 ran2 liang2 (if you have control of your mind, you will feel cool in a hot weather).
Learn how to say Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on in Chinese.
Learn phrases such as "Happy Birthday" in Chinese.
Learn to describe other people using beginner Chinese.
Learn how to say hobbies in elementary Chinese.
Learn Chinese greetings used in the business world.
Learn how to show your feeling in a date in basic Chinese.
Learn how to say "I did not sleep well" in Chinese.
Learn to discuss something about beverage in basic Chinese.
Learn two Chinese idioms in Chinese: yan er dao ling (掩耳盗铃), and yu gong yi shan (愚公移山).
Learn to discuss your favorite colors with a Chinese friend in basic Chinese.
Learn how to talk about a miraculous flower that relieves your heartburn in Chinese.
Learn to introduce someone to your friend in basic Chinese.
Learn what fruits Beijing natives usually eat in hot summer in Chinese.
Learn how to order ice-cream in an ice-cream shop in China in basic Chinese.
Take a taxi in Beijing in Chinese.
Learn how the names of the five mascots were chosen in Chinese.
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