I have learned Chinese with Candice for one year now. Today she tells me that she is being promoted within your company. I cannot recommend Candice highly enough. She is an excellent teacher, and she is very patient and understanding. You are lucky to have her, cherish her - she adds a lot of value to your business, and to the people lucky enough to learn Chinese with her. I will always remember her, my first teacher of learning Chinese :) Thank you for everything Candice.
-- Miles Shelbourne, U.K
-- May 14, 2018
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Online Live Chinese Lessons

     You can actually see and talk with our Chinese teachers (not pre-recorded)! Start to learn Chinese
     online by using Instant Messengers such as Skype (you can download the tools for free and
     we will show you how to do so if you need help).

One-to-one Chinese Learning

     Our lessons ensure that you can learn Chinese based on your own level, pace and learning style. You
     will get a professional study plan based on your specific learning goals.

Professional Chinese Teachers

     All of our teachers are experienced and have received professional training in "Teaching Chinese as a
     Foreign Language. "

Flexibility and Convenience

     Your time matters! Learning Chinese online with us ensures that you can arrange your Chinese
     lessons to fit your schedule and best of all, you can learn Chinese wherever is most comfortable and
     convenient for you!
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Chinese Lessons For Adults

Regular Chinese Business Chinese Business Survival Chinese
Chinese Lessons for Job Interviews Daily Chinese Survival Chinese
Mandarin Chinese Lessons for Dating HSK Test Prep/HSK Exam BCT (Business Chinese Test)
C.TEST (Test of Practical Chinese) Travel Chinese Chinese Culture
Industry-specific Chinese Chinese Business Etiquette Chinese Reading for Newspaper/Internet 
Chinese New Year Valentine's Day in China  

Chinese Lessons For Teens

Regular Chinese Customized Chinese SAT II Chinese Test Preparation
AP Chinese Course and Test Prep IB Chinese Courses GCSE/IGCSE Chinese Courses
YCT Test Prep Courses SAT Chinese Test   

Chinese Lessons For Kids

Regular Chinese Customized Chinese YCT Test Prep Courses

Chinese Lessons For Corporate

Chinese Lessons For Schools