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Excellent! I learned a lot and loved every minute of the classes. I enjoyed the class so much, and my husband will be starting. I will tell my friends about how wonderful your lessons are.
       -- Andrea Lee, San Francisco
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Chinese Resources

Learn Chinese - Tips and Resources
Get A Personalized Chinese Name!
Chinese Dictionary (and get help from a professional teacher!)
Learn Chinese
Chinese Language
HSK Exam
SAT Chinese Test
Learn Chinese writing-how to write Chinese

Learn Chinese Online

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Learn Chinese Online through Chinese Video Lessons Dongyu focuses on helping students learn Chinese online through high-quality video courses. The video courses are arranged according to the level of the materials, and systematic instruction is provided by professional Chinese teachers.

PublicChinese provides various resources for learning Chinese as a foreign language. With the advanced technology, we aim to provide much more conveniences for Chinese learners. We offer on-line Chinese courses with vivid presentations and clear explanations in English, Pinyin and Chinese Characters. Learning Chinese has never been easier.

Learn Chinese in London High quality tailor-made Mandarin classes in London for adults, children and companies; Classrooms located in Soho, Hammersmith, Liverpool Street and Greenwich;On-site home tuition, company training, after-school clubs and online tuition across the UK.

Learn Chinese Online, Free Mandarin Chinese Lessons Learn Chinese free at! We offer free Mandarin Chinese lessons on speaking Chinese, reading Chinese, writing Chinese characters, Chinese grammer courses and Chinese song lyrices.

China Books

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"America's #1 Source of Publications About China Since 1960." The oldest distributor of books from China, China Books was founded by Dr. Henry Halsey Noyes, a third-generation son of a missionary family born in pre-Communist China. Noyes, who left China at eight, ruffled some feathers when he started distributing books from the Communist nation during the Cold War.

Travel in China

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WildChina - Experience China Differently WildChina is a leading China-based travel specialist,offering high-end tours to China's off-the-beaten and more familiar destinations,and also delivering innovative event management and customized travel programs to corporate and educational institutions since 2000.

China Tour, China Vacation, China Travel Packages | China tour package offers some popular China private tours, which covers most of must-visit sites in China, such as Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Shanghai, Tibet, Yangtze River and the likes. Enjoy your fantastic China tour with

Learning Materials

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Voice of China Promoting Chinese Culture, Reporting Chinese News, Popularizing Chinese Learning, Serving Oversea Chinese
An Online Lenarning Aids for Classical Chinese Reader: Language of the Dragon (By Xie, Tianwei) Learning materials to support the textbook "Language of the Dragon 龍文墨影". The characters are linked to an online dictionary. Grammatical notes, translation and online exercises are available online.
Term papers Term Papers Custom Made For As Low As $8.99. We Offer Custom Term Papers Term Papers Essays, Thesis, Book Reports, Dissertations. Term Papers Entirely Made From Scratch And Checked For Plagiarism Before Delivery.


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Audio Tutorial of Survival Chinese (By Yuan, Haiwang and Remy Guo) Adoptive parents now can learn to say "I love you," "I am your Mommy," "It's bed time," and "No, you may not date until you are thirty-five!"

Audio Tutorial of Survival Chinese (By Yuan, Haiwang & Remy Guo) One of the first sites of online learning. Some basic Chinese conversational phrases and sentences can be heard.


>> more 
Basic Chinese Grammar (By Simmons, Richard VanNess) This is a slide show that reviews the basics of Spoken Standard Chinese Grammar. The main slides are in "gif" graphics format, which allows the Chinese examples to be viewed on any system.


>> more 
Active Dictionary (By This site is built with the latest web interactive technology to give a desktop like use experiences on wide variety of English-Chinese dictionary collection.

Chinese Schools

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Chinese Language Association of Elementary-Secondary Schools 全美中小学中文教师协会 (CLASS)
Online Chinese lessons 40 audio mandarin lessons for beginners, stroke-by-stroke characters learning.

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