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Spring Festival!
A cluster of daffodils opens out, quietly and stealthily.
Just on my opening the window for fresh air, they suddenly crack a puckish grin and together pop out of the window, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder.
On the top of everyone's doorway, their grin expands into strings of loud firecrackers.

In this way, Spring Festival is coming near with wide step.
In this way, New Year is coming near with high bust.
In this way, happiness irresistibly puts on the red shoes for everyone-that is you, me and him, in this very moment and in this very situation. In this way, the world belongs to you;you belong to the world.

Ah! Don't waste your words. There's never need to hesitate, to observe, to make clear, to judge and to keep calm.

Let every cell caper.
Let every body hair sway.
Let every hot pot steam.
Let every kickback swell out.
Let every fireworks burn briskly, intensely and brightly.

Hi! Spring Festival!


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