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Over 2000 students from over 60 countries from age 4 to 80 have learned Chinese online with eChineseLearning. Take a FREE trial lesson now!

Learn Chinese via Live Online Lessons

When you learn Chinese with us, you can actually see and talk with our Chinese teachers (not pre-recorded)! Our lessons are conducted live using Video Instant Messengers such as Skype.

Learn Chinese One-on-One with Professional Teachers

Learn Chinese based on your own level, pace and style. All of our teachers are experienced and have received professional training in "Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language."

Learn Chinese with Great Flexibility

Arrange lessons that fit your own schedule and learn Chinese wherever is most convenient for you!
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"This is an extremely good way to learn Chinese online. The teachers are very well-qualified, the scheduling is extremely flexible, and the price is unbelievably cheap - a small fraction for what you would ordinarily have to pay in the US for such high quality one-on-one tutoring. I am recommending it to all of my students."
-- Anthony Zaloom, Adjunct Professor, University of California, Berkeley
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Fred Rao, the founder of eChineseLearning, which offers one-on-one Mandarin instruction through Skype, predicts...

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"It was a totally positive experience to learn Chinese here, and most astonishing was the price, especially considering you have a live teacher giving you a customized lesson." Join Us on Facebook to Learn Chinese
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