SAT Ⅱ Chinese Test Preparation Course

SAT Chinese test prep course
We offer online tutoring for SAT Chinese. The SAT Chinese Test Prep focuses on improving your ability in four aspects: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Our Chinese teachers will select appropriate SAT Chinese-related materials based on your specific needs and level. They will work around your particular strengths and weaknesses to maximize the chance that you will get the best score possible in the SAT Chinese test.

What is SAT Chinese with Listening?

The SAT Chinese with Listening Test (also known as the SAT Chinese test) is one of the SAT Subject Tests. It evaluates the proficiency level of students who are studying Chinese as a foreign language. Standard Mandarin is tested on the SAT Chinese test.
The SAT Chinese test includes questions that cover areas such as pinyin, phonetic symbols, simplified Chinese characters or traditional Chinese characters. The SAT Chinese test is independent of any particular textbook or method of instruction.
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" I have just passed the SAT Chinese test! My classmate recommended (eChineseLearning's) SAT Chinese test prep course. The teacher is great. I love my class and thank you."
- Geraldine J. Barry, Philadelphia, U.S.
July 18, 2017
Ruiy and Wenting-an adoptive family are sharing their Chinese learning experiences
Ruiya and Wenting