Regular Lessons for Kids

Chinese lessons for kids are designed for children from 3 to 12 years old. This course helps children learn Chinese via playing games and discussing fun topics. Chinese teachers will help develop children's language skills in four aspects: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Chinese lessons for kids are divided into 6 different levels, ranging from Beginner Level to Advanced Level.
Level chart of Chinese lessons for children
Kids Chinese Course Level Chart

Chinese Lessons for Kids Level 1

Mandarin for kids level 1
  • This Chinese course is for kids who have never learned Chinese before and can not read Pinyin or Chinese characters.
  • Kids will learn simple daily topics such as greetings, self-introductions, colors, animals, fruits, etc. Teachers will teach children by using pictures and actual objects, and playing fun games. Pinyin and basic strokes of Chinese characters may also be taught.

Chinese Lessons for Kids Level 2

Mandarin for kids level 2
  • This course is designed for children who can already answer very simple questions related to daily topics.
  • Teachers will teach children short sentences and simple dialogues. Topics may include clothing, toys, household appliances, weather, and so on. Teachers may also teach children simple nursery rhymes and Chinese characters.

Chinese Lessons for Kids Level 3

Mandarin for kids level 3
  • This course is designed to teach children asking and answering questions on familiar matters with short sentences. Kids will learn to narrate short stories.
  • Topics include directions, time, seasons, likes/dislikes, countries, and so on. More Chinese characters and nursery rhymes will also be taught.

Chinese Lessons for Kids Level 4

Mandarin for kids level 4
  • This course is designed to teach children asking and answering questions with long sentences.
  • Topics include expressing one's feelings, talking about one's school life, hobbies, and so on. To help children gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and customs, our Chinese teachers may also introduce famous historical stories, idiomatic stories, simple poems, etc.

Chinese Lessons for Kids Level 5

Mandarin for kids level 5
  • This course helps children build confidence and a degree of spontaneity by learning a wide range of daily topics.
  • Chinese teachers will teach children fairly long and complex Chinese stories and folk tales, proverbs, etc. Children will also practice to build up their vocabularies.

Chinese Lessons for Kids Level 6

Mandarin for kids level 6
  • This course is for children who can use Chinese accurately on a wide range of daily topics.
  • Chinese teachers will teach kids ancient and contemporary Chinese poems, famous essays, etc. Children will enhance their language abilities through comprehensive reading and writing.
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"My child Stephanie is 8 years old. Her teacher Honglin is very patient and really knows the way to engage Stephanie. Honglin often tells stories and makes the lesson more interesting. Stephanie likes her teacher a lot and looks forward to her lessons all the time! Stephanie is so intrigued by China and Chinese culture right now. I would like to bring Stephanie to China next year!"
- Melissa Fountain, Boston, MA
Mar. 31, 2018
kids learn Mandarin with online Chinese tutor
Madeline Owens
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Amelia Gu